Common Questions About Beam Electric Scooter

My rear tire is flat what do I do? 

Please make sure to fill the tire with air before first ride. Riding on a partially filled tire will cause it go flat and it will need to be replaced. If your tire is flat and won't hold air when you pump it up, please open a support ticket and provide ALL of the following information: copy of your receipt from Target, color of your scooter and your shipping address. 

My charging indicator light is blue not green, what does this mean?

There is a typo in our manual. The correct indicator light for a full charge is blue.

How do I change the colors on my Beam?

The color of your Beam light can't be changed, but you can control the brightness through the app.

When I opened the box, a part of my scooter was broken, what are the next steps?

Please open a support ticket and provide ALL of the following information: your Target receipt, your shipping address, describe the issue and attach a picture of the broken part. 

I'm getting an error message E02 / E04, what can I do?

Please try these steps:

1. Connect to the Ride Jetson app
2. Navigate to settings
3. Choose the last option "Set the Calibration"

If you're still seeing the same error after calibrating, please contact us.

Video: How to Change Beam Back Tire

Video: How to Put Air in Beam Back Tire

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