Common Questions About Connecting to Ride Jetson App

How do I connect to the app?

Open and log into the Ride Jetson app, you should see a Bluetooth icon at the top left of the app screen. It will be white if there is no connection and green if there is a connection. If the icon is white, press the icon and the app will scan for your hoverboard or scooter. Make sure your Jetson device is powered on when scanning. Select your Jetson product from the list. The default password is 000000

Why can't I play my own music?

You have to pair the speaker on your Jetson product to your mobile device in addition to connecting via the app. To pair the speakers to your mobile device you will need to go into your bluetooth settings. You should see "Jetson Music" listed, select and pair Jetson Music with your mobile device. You should now be able to play from your music library or streaming service.

Why can't I control the volume via the app?

Right now volume cannot be controled in the app.

I'm not able to connect at all / I'm getting a network error / My Jetson product is not listed after scan, what do I do?

Please un-install and then re-install the app and recalibrate your hoverboard using the following steps:

1. Make sure the board is off and on a flat surface
2. Hold the power button in until you hear "recalibration successful"
3. Power the unit off for about 5-10 seconds

After re-installing the app and recalibrating the board, try going through the pairing steps again. 

What's the default PIN for connecting to the app?

It is 000000 (6 zeros). You can change it after pairing your device.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

You can reset your password by clicking the "Forgot Password" link on the app login screen. Click on the link and follow the instructions on screen.

I made a mistake when registering for an account and can't reuse my email address. What do I do?

Please contact us and provide the following:

  • Email address used to register
  • First Name
  • Last Name

We will delete the account so you're able to create a new one. 

If, after following the above instructions, you still experience issues, please contact us with your board model and serial number and a detailed description of your issue. Let us know that you have already tried the solutions listed on this page.

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