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Jetson Products

We believe everyone deserves some good, clean fun in their lives – whether that’s an electric scooter to ease the commute to work, an electric bike to help check things off a bucket list, or a fun toy for the little ones. It’s time to explore more with Jetson.

Electric Bikes

Jetson Adventure Bike

Jetson’s Electric Bikes are coming to your rescue! Our line of electric bikes come with options such as pedal assist, power levels, and more. And if you’re looking to ride old school, just turn the power off and gear things up on your own. We’re here to bring you more hassle-free, sweat-free, and pedal-free – or as pedal-full as you want – kind of days.

Electric Scooters

Jetson Electric Scooter

We believe there are two universal truths: 1) it never rains when you’re carrying an umbrella, and 2) electric scooters are FUN. They also give you the perfect boost to cut down on your commute, so you can spend your time doing better things – like getting a sweet setup at your favorite happy hour spot before the after work crowd packs in.


Jetson V8 Hoverboard

Not sure you’re ready to fully adult quite yet? Our hoverboards will have you riding your grown-up worries away. We’ve packed them full of features that will light up your days, so you can vibe to your beats and slide right into more carefree ways.

Hoverboard Accessories

Jetson Jetkart 2.0

Hoverboards that only ride one way are a thing of the past – our Universal Hoverboard Add-Ons transform your ride into go-karting, hoverboarding, multi-tasking machines. It’s as easy as snap on, strap tight, and go!

Kids Scooters

Jetson Kick Scooter

As the saying goes: behind every kid on a scooter, stands a happy parent. Because whether they’re kicking along on one of our 2, 3, or 4-wheel scooters, you can feel at ease knowing that safety, quality, value, and convenience are always top of mind here at Jetson.

Kids Bikes

Jetson Gravity Balance Bike

Learning how to ride on a tricycle is so 2007. Balance bikes teach kids how to balance on a bike – and how to control it – with a simple 2-wheel, low to the ground, pedal-free design. Think of it as those little chopsticks with rubber bands on them, but for bike riding.

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